Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abigail at 2 months

Two months just flew right by. It's incredible that the last two months of my pregnancy seemed to take forever, whereas the last two months with Abigail have absolutely flown by.

She is growing and changing with no two days being the same. I have gone through the troubles and heartache of waking every two hours of the day, learning to breastfeed, coping with the pains and adjustments my body went through at a rapid pace, and the joys of having a newborn baby in my life.

Abigail is now 8 weeks old and a very happy little girl. I love waking up in the morning, peering over her bassinet and seeing a smiling face looking back at me. I love hearing her coos and squawks, her sneeze attacks and even hiccups. There are so many rewards to motherhood, that it overshadows all of the hormonal moments where you think you can't go on any longer and feel like handing off your baby only to miss her when she is away for only a few minutes.

I want to dedicate the next few blog posts to a series that I'd like to call "Secrets from your Sister". I'd like to dive into things I wish people had told me about pregnancy, labour and raising a baby. These are things that I have either learned on my own or thought I was going through alone only to learn that others had experienced the same...or worse.

I hope you enjoy and can share your experiences as well. After all, we're not in this alone!