Thursday, August 27, 2009

38 week DA

I didn't post about my DA last week, but it was so uneventful that I didn't really have anything to share.

Today, DH expected a long wait, because usually we wait for an hour and have a 5 min visit which costs us a lot in patience and in parking fees. He was grumpy because he forgot his PSP in the car. He had told me yesterday that he was going to bring it in because of how long the wait was. Good thing he did!

When we arrived in the office, there was no patients. I was weighed almost immediately. I've gained 1 lb this week which puts me at a total of 36 pounds gained. My BP was 105/77 which I was told was excellent. Within minutes we were put into the examination room. I barely caught the nurse then tell me to uncover from the waist down. Now, DH vehemently said that he did not want to be in any appointments where I would get an internal, but now he was caught!

The OB checked baby's position, HB and then did the internal. In retrospect, DH said it wasn't bad because the OB wasn't looking when he checked (lol) he really likes this doctor. The OB said that my cervix is changing and is soft, but that's about it. It looks like this LO is in there for the long haul.

I go back in a week where I'm sure I'll get another internal. I can't believe that puts us in September already!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paying Homage to My Poppy...

I just had to share this with everyone...*warning, may induce tears*

Today marks the 5th "anniversary" of the passing of my grandfather. He was a highly respected and loved man in my family. He loved having grandkids and passed two days before my older brother's wedding. At that time, two of my cousins, who are SILs were expecting their first babies. Now, 5 years later, my SIL and myself are also expecting our firsts.

My aunt, and my grandfather's only daughter, went to visit his grave site today. She just told me that she told him all about my baby (Baby Bee), my SILs baby and all the babies that have been born since he died. I couldn't help but burst into tears when she said this because I was only 20 when he passed and never got to see me get married or now become a mom.

I am so glad that my father reminds me of my grandfather. I can't wait to be able to put my baby in his arms and remember being held by my grandfather.

I'll stop blubbering now...I just wanted to share what my Aunt told me and to pay homage to my "Poppy". DH and I have decided that if we have a boy, we will name him Liam; a short form of my grandfather's name...

William Alan H****** - June 22, 1925 to August 19, 2004

Thursday, August 13, 2009

week 36 OB appointment

Here I am home again from another DA. The office was crazy busy today so I was expecting a short visit, but I have to say that I had one of the more satisfying appointments than I have had in weeks.

I have gained 3lbs in the past two weeks which puts me at 33 total pounds gained. My OB told me that I can use pregnancy as an excuse, lol. (as an aside, my SIL has only gained 18 lbs, which bummed me out a little cause she's a week ahead of me).

The RN had to do my BP twice because we were chatting the first time. She said the first one was too high so I tried to stay quiet the second time. It's good, but then again I'm not sure I know what "normal" is.

In the OB's office I was told that my GBS culture came back negative, so I am practically healthy as I can possibly be! He told us that we were right about the position of the baby because we both felt that the bum was nice and high and that s/he is to the right. The HB is also nice and strong. DH asked about the speed and the OB explained that it'll stay that fast, even after birth. During labor, we should expect it to be around the 140 range.

I then asked OB if there were any more tests. He said no, that the next test was labour (lol), but that he might send us for another u/s to check on the size and position of baby. I figure that it'll be nice to see baby one more time before the birth...that is unless I give birth before we can have the u/s!

So, all is well and we go again next week. Time is counting down and as my OB put it "we'll see each other each week and become a big happy family!"