Monday, September 20, 2010

A letter to Abigail after her 1st year

Dear Abigail,

I hope to make a habit out of writing letters to you; hopefully around the time of your birthday. This is the first.

My darling daughter - you have turned our life upside down and changed everything that Daddy and I knew to be "our life". We went from a carefree lifestyle of coming and going as we pleased; taking long car rides; and eating whenever and whatever we wanted. That all changed the day you were born and I wouldn't change that for the world.

In the past year we have learned how to be parents...your parents. We have learned who you are becoming and have laughed at every funny face and sound, reveled in every new skill and move you make. Sure there were nights where we were ready to pull our hair out as we bounced you because you wouldn't sleep and we were way past due for our own "nap".

But then there are the moments that I will never forget: The first time you smiled was when I lay you down in your crib so that I could fold laundry and I turned on your mobile. I was so excited to see that smiley face at just 3 weeks and you haven't stopped smiling since. The day you started babbling in your exersaucer and I heard the word "Mum". The discovery of your first tooth. When we realized you could put your own pacifier in your mouth. And the moment we captured on video where you stood on your own two feet, unsupported, for the very first time. It was a year of firsts; for you and us.

I am utterly in love with who you are, that you are mine and that you love me back. You are such a happy child who is big about everything. Big laughs, big cries. You crawl on your bum, putting one leg out to propel yourself forward. You sometimes even do this while towing some favourite object in one hand.

Now you are a one-year old and no longer considered a baby; you're a toddler now. You are still MY baby, though. I am so excited to continue to see your next firsts and to hear your voice as you learn more words. I can't wait until you finally sleep through the night (it's going to happen, right?) and I am terribly excited for Christmas this year. You are going to love the decorations and most assuredly, the presents.

What will you do next, my baby? I can't wait to find out.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I am the mother of a 1 year-old

Today is preparation for the magical transformation that is going from being the mother of a baby to the mother of a toddler. Who let me be in charge of this little life? Obviously I'm not doing that bad of a job, because she's made it to 1 without any life-threatening illnesses, no calls to child services and she is overall very happy. When I say happy, I really mean it. Abigail, upon learning how to smile at 3 weeks old, has always been friendly. Her favourite thing to now is to smile big and say "Hi" to anyone who makes eye contact with her. Surely I didn't teach her that and neither did hubby, because though we are casually cordial, we certainly aren't friendly to strangers. But I digress.

This time last year I was in labour. DH was video chatting with his cousin while I sat on an exercise ball trying to cope with contractions, because that is what my pre-natal classes told me to do. It didn't work. In fact, none of the coping techniques didn't work. Unfortunately for me, my contractions never really ever evened out, though the pain didn't seem to care about that. I laboured all night and gave in to the epidural at 5:30 in the morning. Thank the Lord almighty for this sweet invention. Though I still have occasional bouts of lower back pain which I swear is at the spot where the catheter was; in the moment it was totally worth it.

At 8:55am, we welcomed our little Abigail into the world. Life has never been the same and hasn't been any sweeter since.

I am in love with this little girl - who is no longer my baby girl, and love seeing who she is becoming. Somehow, DH and I are responsible for who this little girl is and I wouldn't change a bit. She is friendly, outgoing, inquisitive, bold, energetic, happy, bright and alert. She is the joy of my heart and I am so blessed to have her in my life. I hate that she is growing so fast, because it means scrambling to cherish those important moments when she is young, but at the same rate, I can't wait for her to show me what she can do next.

My resolve for the next year is to blog regularly. I want to chronicle my life now that I am back to work and Abby is in daycare. I want to record and cherish the moments that my family makes as we grow. Somewhere in there I hope I get to entertain or educate you...perhaps just for you to nod your head in agreement or lend a helping hand.

So here's to a new year of adventures and picture-perfect moments along the way.