Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mom Confessions

Every mom has their little secrets; the things they don't share about their parenting style lest they be judged. In my 18 months as a mom, I've learned that a lot of mom's have the same secrets. What does this mean? That our "confessions" are actually a fact of life and shouldn't be buried away with the little white lie you told about not having that deli sandwich during your pregnancy.

And so, I open the closet to my parenting skeletons and confess to the world wide web (with no excuses!):
- I have been co-sleeping since Abby was 5 months old
- I have let my daughter eat more on more than one occasion: fast food french fries, chocolate, popcorn, popcicles, orange juice, apple juice, cake, chicken nuggets
- I still nurse Abby at least one time a night
- my daughter doesn't sleep through the night. In fact, she usually wakes up 2 or 3 times at night to cuddle up closer to me or nurse
- we turned Abby to forward facing at 13 months
- Abby watches TV. Mostly cartoons, when they're on but she can't help but dance to the theme song for Hanna Montana and Sonny with a Chance

Ok, you can judge me now for these few things, but before you do, remember that it is impossible to be the perfect parent. I do what is best for my child. Sometimes I am not proud of the decisions I have to make (especially when Abby recognizes when we've just pulled away from the drive through), but it's what we have to do to get by. The day I win a million dollars (ok, maybe 5 million), I will quit my job and devote my life to being the perfect parent.

Right now, I will enjoy my wins and learn from my losses and most of all, be honest about everything. Maybe someone else will learn from me or not be afraid to talk about something considered "taboo" in the parenting world.

Go ahead, you can tell me - what's hiding in your closet?

-Laura Bee


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