Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's that, you say?

My little girl is growing up and this past weekend was a huge indicator for me.

Just before the weekend, I got curious about just how many words Abby actually knows. She can communicate with us pretty well by now and most words she says can be interpreted by most people who hear her.

With that in mind I did the project manager thing and nade a categorized list. I then sent it to DH and asked him if I was missing anything. He admitted that he was useless in this department (aka he doesn't read his email) but without his input, I had managed to find over 100 word that Abby can currently say. That doesn't even count the words she understands.

Then, spending time with her this weekend blew me away.

Saturday we went to visit my parents. My mom had just gotten back from a month-long trip in Thailand, so it was important for me to see her and have her see how much Abby has grown in that time. (Did I mention that she has shot up almost 5cm in the last two months?).

While Abby played and interacted with Nana, Poppy, Uncles, Aunts and her cousins, I learned that Abby knows way more than I give her credit for. I couldn't tell you how many times I stopped and said "I didn't know she could say that".

Part of me had the guilty working parent feeling, because I have to learn these things far after the fact. However, it is just as exciting for me to hear her speak to me as if it was the first time she ever spoke.

Now my little girl, what will you say next?
-Laura Bee


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Can you please send me your email at stephanie.marshall at rci.rogers.com - you posted your url on iVillage Canada Facebook (or Twitter forget which) and we want to get in touch. Thanks!


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