Thursday, February 26, 2009

In a minor car accident today...

This morning, on the way to work, DH and I were in a minor accident. We were rear-ended when we hit the breaks for the car in front of us. The car behind us, wasn't so fortunate to stop in time. We took some damage to the rear bumper, but it wasn't so bad. We experienced a thud and some was the first accident for both of us.

DH is a little sore from the impact and I seem to be more or less fine. Some muscle soreness in my arms and upper back and some tiny twinges in my belly, but other than that, I'm ok.

When I told my mother what happend, she told me that I should see my doctor. I don't have the luxury of just calling to tell him, nor the time to take off work. I have told my boss that I might have to leave, however.

Should I go in for something so minor? Should I be seeing my family doctor or call my OB's office? I haven't had my first visit there, so I don't know what to do.

Advice and prayers, please! TIA!


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