Monday, March 2, 2009

What to expect at OB appointment?

Today I have my second visit with my OB. At my first visit, he only did a pelvic exam and gave me a form to schedule a u/s. He said that blood work would be done at my second visit. So other than my blood work, what else should I expect at this visit? I know I'll do the routine pee in a cup, weigh-in and blood pressure check, but what is more or less standard at this point?

Also, DH and I will be going after my appt for our 1st u/s! It's done at a different building than where my OB is, so I'm hoping we have enough time to get there, but I'm definitely excited! The lab tech told me when I made my appointment to eat before I come and to bring a bottle of water. I thought that I needed to drink water before I went? Any thoughts? Are they going to have me sit in the waiting room and down a bottle of water before they take me in?

Lastly, how did you get your u/s pictures? My SIL got hers on a DVD and I know that others get them printed. They never said what I would get. What did you get?


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