Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Month 3 OB appointment

So I had my appointments yesterday. Seeing the OB was super quick. They took me in right away and did all of the vital stuff. I have lost a pound since my last visit, but like the RN said "better now than later". I spoke briefly with my OB and then I was sent off for blood work.

Let me tell you, I have never had so much blood sucked out of me at once. 9 vials! NINE! But I had fun with the lab tech and we had a good chat, even though a fire alarm test was going at the time.

DH and I then had to travel across town to get to the u/s appointment. We got there 30mins early and a good thing, too! It was packed. I didn't get in for the u/s until after 5pm! Unfortunately for me, I had to pee so bad while I waited but I knew I had to hold it for a good test. And what a test we had!

Baby Bee was very active. S/He was moving and flipping and rolling the whole time. DH was amazed, and so was I. I can't believe that there is a little person inside of me!

The best part was getting the pictures. I asked for some and they told us there was a $10 fee. We didn't care. But, because we were there so late, when we went to pay a man at the desk said no one was there to take our money, so it was a gift to us! Sweet!

I will post the pics later, but we got some really great views. They did an internal and external u/s and the CRL was 65.3mm and the BPD was 20.6mm. It wasn't confirmed, but I think my EDD has been bumped up to Sept 10!


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