Monday, April 20, 2009

19 week u/s pictures

Today DH and I went for our 19 week u/s! The experience was much quicker than our first, but unfortunately not as "fun" as the first.

I was called in pretty quickly and didn't have to change into a gown. The u/s tech set about to work and had DH sit outside the examination room. He asked part of the way through if he could come in because last u/s he saw the whole process. The tech said no, and that he should wait until she finished with the measurements.

I was told that the baby was very active and amazingly saw the baby move on the monitor at the same time I felt a kick. That really confirmed for me that what I've been feeling really is baby movement and not just gas!

The measurements were done quickly and I was told that everything looked good. Baby even threw up a hand which looked like the "i love you" sign in sign-language. Then DH got to come in and she showed him the baby. I love the look on his face when he gets to see the LO growing inside me.

We got some pictures printed out and immediately had to share. So here is our little Baby Bee at 19 weeks!


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