Monday, May 4, 2009

Back from month 5 OB appointment

Everything is good! The Dr said that the 20 week u/s came back normal and all my blood work and testing was normal, too. I asked about the Strep B test, but he said that they don't do it until week 35. Phew! We got to listen to the heartbeat although baby was hiding deep because it took a while for him to find it. I'm still in awe of that sound!

I've gained 5 pounds this month...I was surprised at that! That puts my total at 8 since my very first appointment.

I also got a chance to tell the DR that I'm having a UC flare. Luckily it's very mild by comparison, so it'll probably resolve itself. He also gave me the all clear to use a topical steroid cream for my excema.

All's well!


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