Friday, September 4, 2009

39 Week DA

I've progressed! My OB did another internal today. I had told him about the bloody show I've been having and he seemed encouraged by it. When he checked, he said that my cervix is open and that I am dilated 2cm. Woo hoo!

He told us that if we wanted, he could get things moving along next Tuesday. I was confused why he said Tuesday since my due date is next Thursday. It turns out that he is on-call at the L&D then and wanted to offer the induction so he would be around for the birth. Very nice of him, but I think at the moment we would prefer to let things naturally happen instead of going for an induction.

So I go back next Thursday, my due date, but have no idea when this LO will decide to show up. At 2cm, I'm hoping something gets started today and that the full moon gives it a hand!


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