Wednesday, July 15, 2009

31w 6d OB appointment

I just got back from my OB appointment. My regular DR is on vacation so I saw another one on the same floor. She is super nice and it was interesting to see how the two DR offices operate.

Usually I go in, drop off a urine sample, have the RN weigh me and take my BP and then I visit with my OB who only checks my chart and the baby's HB.

At this office, the RN (not sure if she really was one) weighed me on a different type of scale, which showed me at a 3 pound loss. She had me take my urine into the examination room with me as well! However, I liked the DR visit better with this woman. She did the urine test (was good), BP (very healthy) and told me that I had normal results on my GD test (yippe!). She then went on to measure my fundal height, which my other OB never did and checked the HB. She told me baby's HB is 154, which is the first time anyone has ever told me the heart rate. She palped my belly to feel baby's placement (which my other OB also does not do) and then asked if I had any questions. It was a satisfying visit!

I went back over to my regular OB's office to book my next appointment (34 weeks, btw) and told my favourite RN about the scale. She said she was told about it and then offered to weigh me. Instead of losing 3 pounds, I've gained 4, which puts me at a total of 26 pounds and perfectly normal.

So baby and I are very healthy and I really am looking forward to my next appointment! That is until he sends me for a Strep B test, I'm sure...


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