Thursday, July 30, 2009

34 week OB appointment

DH and I just got back from my 34 week appointment. As usual, the OB was in a rush so didn't get to spend much time with me.

I've gained another 4 pounds putting me at a total weight gain of 30 lbs. I was told that my last u/s was normal and was told again that my GD test came back normal.

It was then that he said to me that I was due for another test...the dreaded strep B swab. He asked me if it was ok if he did it today, to which I said yes. DH said he was leaving the room, because he didn't want to see it, lol. So I undressed from the waist down and the OB came back in just as I was sitting back down on the table. To my surprise, he only swabbed one location of the two that I expected (I'll let you use your imagination).

He checked the heartbeat for all of two seconds, declared that the HB was good and that he would see me again in two weeks. After my appt in two weeks, he'll start seeing me once a week. WOW time has flown!

So me and my little herculean baby (I swear baby is so strong now!) have a lot of OB appointments coming up. I'll be seeing my family doctor soon and I think he'll either become baby's Ped or refer me to one in the building.

I'm excited, there's only 6 weeks left!


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