Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bliss at Home '11 introduction

Today I discovered a group of blogging women that I am sure to love. Via Erica Ehm at, I found Bliss at Home. For all those fellow bloggers who can't go to Blissdom, but don't mind attending from a far, and in their PJ's, no less!

As an introductory post for all the ladies who find themselves wanting to learn a little bit more about me and my blog, here I go.

This blog was founded in 2009 after DH and I learned we were expecting our first baby. Initially a journal and online baby book, my intentions were small - chronicle the growth and development of my child. The name "the mommy bee" comes from the nick name "baby bee" that we gave our active little child growing inside me (with the B also coming from the first letter of out last name). In 2010, when the end of my maternity leave loomed near, I began changing my approach. I could never find a blog of a new mom who worked full-time out of the home. I guess none of them have the spare time! At that point I knew I needed to change directions and be that blog.

Now, while I still take the time to talk about my family and the new learnings of a first-time mom and the growth of my child, I also want to speak about balance. I am a project manager, so organization is essential to my life.

I hope readers who find themselves here can learn with me and even lend a helping hand. After all, I am a busy mommy bee!


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