Monday, January 24, 2011

Making Milestones

We've hit a few new milestones recently, so I need to share!

Abby is now fully a walker. From the time she was able to hold her head up, everyone thought that she would be an early walker. She stood early and loved to stand. She loved to have someone hold her hands and walk, no gallop, around the room. But, in true Abigail fashion, she is doing it in her own time. So, a week after turning 16 months old, Abby decided to start walking on her own. It started with a few steps before Christmas and a crash on her bum that probably didn't make walking too appealing. Then, one day, we were playing with an exercise ball, and she started to chase it; no strings attached. Since then, she has progressive gotten better and less Frankenstein-like in her steps. I'm sure soon she'll be off running. She already loves to say "one, two, three...GO" and skitter off as we pretend to race.

Our second milestone has to do with teeth. Abby's teeth are popping out very quickly now. She has her two upper molars to go along with the first set of 4 teeth up top. In the past week she also managed to push through her bottom right molar as well. Then, last night as we were playing, I noticed that Abby also had her upper left incisor. Her left side needs to catch up, but at this rate, it will happen sooner than later.

Lastly, DH and I finally went out on our first "real" date night since Abby was born. We left her with my mother and took in a Leafs game. While the date night was great, and Abby had a great time with "Nana", but again, we had sleep problems. Abby fell asleep easily as was expected, but after an hour, woke up looking for me. The rest of the night she cuddled with Nana until we got home. While not a total inconvenience, it's shown us that we have some more work on sleep training to do before we leave her at home with someone else.

In the end, we're making great progress in growth as a family. I am thrilled to discover what's next!


Christy said...

So glad she's walking now!! :)

LindsayDianne said...

My daughter is called Abby too. I remember the beginning of walking.
I took her to swimming lessons when she was 9 months old and she had just started to walk. I was in the changing room getting ready and she took off under the door..
Scariest mommy moment ever, at the time.

Welcome to such a fun and challenging world! :)

I came by for the Bliss At Home get together. :)

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